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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. warm weather and strong surf, the combined conditions are prompting a warning for beach-goers and the dangers that come with our high temperatures. good evening, i'm john sackji in for ken wayne. >>hello everyone i'm heather holmes big waves took over the coast and to show you video of the maverick near half moon bay. a high-surf advisory is in effect tonight and into tomorrow at most bay area beaches. in fact, we're already seeing waves as high as 15' and with w- our warm weather a lot of peopling are gob hitting the beach and lifeguards are urging everyone to use extreme caution. in east bay, oakland's lake
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merritt was especially busy with family and friends enjoying the sun. city saw record-high temperatures reaching 72 degrees, whish is is about 10 degrees above average. >> remember 72 and we're talking about the end of january and, checking in with our meteorologist mark tamayo who has been monitoring conditions and you said we are going to be near records, but are you surprised at all to see a record? >> we were expecting oakland to break that record and i think we'll have a few more heading into the sunday forecast as well. as far as the temperatures for today, it was not warm everywhere. if you were out towards vallejo, towards fairfield, we had temperatures in the 50s and patchy dense fog around san rafael, only in the upper 50s, stubborn canon fog having an impact on the temperatures in the valley, but the warm temperatures towards san francisco, san josi, 70 degrees and oakland, topping out at 72 and that was a record. the record of 7degrees was a year-ago, 2014 on january 24th last year, breaking that record
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of 71 degrees. now the key in our forecast at least in the short-term was today and probable lay repeat in performance on sunday, the fog will regroup and could be a big factor for parts of bay area. so with that, we're going to keep some temperatures on the cool side. some other neighbors on warm side for this time of year. we'll have a close are look at your forecast highs and any rain clouds to talk about in your updated forecast? thank you, mark, the warm weather may be a delight for those spending the day outdoors, but it leaves thirsty california with a another week without much-needed rainfall. according to the drought monitor, 32% of the state is what they call an exceptional drought, the state's major reservoirs are at 38% of capacity, less than two-thirds of normal for this time of year. here in north california, federal researchers say that coastal areas would need to break record rainfall levels by 10" by this family. just to bring totals for the past four years up to the
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historically average. and southern california powerful santa and ana winds knocked down a massive billboard. surveillance video caught the moment that the 20' sign fell on the parked cars below. fortunately no one was injured. the winds some clocked up to 89 miles per hour knock down trees and power lines. at one point, 54,000 customers were reported to have lost power. crews spent the day trying to fix the lines. at last check about 23,000 customers are still without electricity but many of those customers - with many of those customers in the san fernando valley. an aabout face from the dmv and controversial stud the department is retracting an advisory for anyone who transfers people for money to commercially register their vehicles. the state lawmakers would fight the department aimed at companies sup as uber and lyft. in reversing itself the dmv
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said 2 had jumped the gun with the advisory and intends to further review the issue. oakland police took over 12 hours to arrest a woman in connection with the hit-and-run death of a great-grandmother. 84-year-old grandmother was struck and killed near her home in central oakland. the family told ktvu she was sweet and selfless and she had five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. this is home security video now of some of that incident. the family says that hong was on her daily walk when it happened. while crossing east 15th street she was hit by a car that then sped away. the car was found nearby and last night oakland police arrested a 30-year-old oakland woman for the crime. meantime san josi police continue to investigate a hit- and-run crash that killed a woman walking near a busy intersection. it happened after 6:15 along al mendon president isway in south san josi of it's not clear if the woman was in the crosswalk. she was reportedly in her 60s,
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but police have not released her identity and no description of that suspect vehicle is available just yet. a delayed strand of flu virus has spread to napa valley. napa county reported the first flu death of the season with a person under the age of 65. doctors till recommend getting vaccinated and if you are sick, stay home, use tissues or sleeves to cover sneeze and coughs. just crazy, that is how a passenger described the bomb threats tweeted today against two planes en route to atlanta. the military sent two f-16 fighter jets to escort cannot airlines include they landed. ovs had atlanta called the threats that were issued on twitter "credible." they targeted a southwest flight from milwaukee and a delta plight from portland. the planes landed safely at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport, where were then searched and officials say nothing was found eight passenger on board the southwest flight praised the flight crew and her fellow
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passengers saying, "no one pangibs." one of two japanese hostages held by isisis or isil has apantly been behead and now the group is making a new demand for the other man's freedom. those kidnappers have changed the demands. >> reporter: john, a new video is out, some analysts thought at first it might be fake. but the japanese prime minister believes it's authentic and he says it left him "speechless." >> posted on-line saturday, an image that shows one of the japanese hostages freelance journalist kenji goto, apparently holding a picture of the other captive, haruna yukawa decapitated four days ago. the terrorist group post a video of both men demanding that japan pay a $200 million ransom by friday. that deadline past and now the prime minister says is he horrified and demanding the second hostage's release. >> i have no words to express the pain these family are going
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through. these sort of terrorist acts of violence are outrageous and unforgivable. i rolloutly condemn these acts. >> reporter: 42-year-old yukawa was kidnapped in syria last summer. his friend goto, who had gone searching for him was abducted, too. >> my son felt he had to do everything in his power to help and rescue his friend. >> goto's family look at the new image fears the worst for him. >> his face looked extremely nervous. i think he feels gravely about what is to come. i think that is what it is. this is no time to be optimistic. >> reporter: the new video demands instead of money the release of this woman, a would-be suicide bomber who explosive failed to detonate in an hotel attack that killed 57 people. she has been jailed in jordan for a decade. a trade for kenji goto is what
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the islamic state leaders propose now. from president obama, this statement in part "the united states strongly condemns the brutal murder of japanese citizen haruna yukawa bit terrorist group isil. condolences with the people of japan for their terrible loss," the president continues to say that we'll work together to bring the perpetrator s to justice. john. debora villalon, live in the newsroom. world leaders are heading to saudi arabia to pay their respects following the death of king abdullah. the king's half both salmon bin abdul-azizi has been installed as the new monarch. 90-year-old king abdullah died this week after being hospitalized with pneumonia. the new king saysly continue to follow the policies his
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predecessors. >> the white house said that president obama will shorten his trip to india to meet with saudi arabia's new king. saudi arabia is one of washington's most important middle east al lies despite longstanding criticism by human right groups about the kingdom's human rights abuses saudi arabia is one of five arab nations is that currently helping the u.s. fight isis. many san francisco streets were shut down for an anti- abortion march. today's event coincided with the 42nd anniversary of the landmark roe v. wade decision. as christien kafton reports. >> reporter: tens of thousands filled civic center plaza in san francisco for the annual walk for life west coast. >> among the speakers, julia hole co, former lover offer aerosmith front man steven tyler and she says sees a change in the way that americans feel about the issue. >> it's really encouraging an
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issue that engages the hearts of our youth and they are the ones out here marching because they want a nation that defends life. >> reporter: pastor childress says he sees a growing coalition against abortion saying that abortion affects the african-american community disproportionately. >> when you make up 12.4% of the population haun 37% of the abortions as genocide. >> reporter: the crowd marched to market gathering because they say this issue is too important to ignore. >> abortion should be illegal. no one should take away that life from someone else. >> reporter: along the way marchers encountered counterprotesters committed to keeping abortion legalling safe and available. >> i'm pro-choice and i don't think it's my right to tell anyone to do with their body and. >> reporter: fewer in number, members of abortion rights group say they
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feel anti-abortion groups are making strides, so they need to speak up. >> the fact that they are marching tens of thousands strong in san francisco it's an indication of a show of strength and a real danger to women's lives. we want to organization counterprotests to confront the women haters. >> reporter: while saturday's march was the highlight, antigroups are also holding a training session sunday aimed at reaching out to students. in san francisco, christian kaston, ktvu channel 2 news. countdown to the super bowl and the coach of the new england patriots is talking about footballs. the new information he revealed today about deflategate. >> south bay families on edge after criminals struck their home. your home is supposed to be your personal little bubble and someone just popped it. >> why the victims say their social media post may have made them a target? >> first oakland city leaders and community activists come together to discuss the black
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lives matter movement. the call for change to improve relationships in the city.
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civil rights leader jesse jackson is set to deliver sermon at the bethlehem missionary baptist church in richmond. church leaders said jackson has not shared what he is going to talk about. police have been told to expect a large crowd. oakland city council meetings aren't usually held on saturday afternoons, but today
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was different. the public was invited to talk about ways to improve relations between minority community and oakland police. as ktvu's cristina rendon reports at times the meeting was contentious. >> tell me what resistance look like? >> the black lives matter movement is making an impact on oakland's streets. councilmembers welcomed supporters to a special meeting saturday afternoon. >> we intend for this to be an open dialog. >> reporter: to talk about ways to improve the strained relationship between the black community and oakland police. >> there was no shortage of people wanting to voice their concerns. >> stop defending these cops! who are involved in these kind of shooting. >> the goals of today really are to get the elected and this council to make a commitment to ending police terrorism in oakland, now. >> reporter: police chief admits that the department has made mistakes in past, but says they have made many changes it make sure that
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officers are held accountable for wrongdoing and only the right people are put in jail. >> we're obviously committed to policing that is constitutional l-progressive, and see as legitimate by the community that it serves. >> reporter: there are still concerns over racial profiling, prompting calls for a community review board for police. >> at the end of the day, we're not going to allow people to walk through our communities and kill anybody they want against the law. >> reporter: there are some who believe oakland is moving in the right direction. >> oakland should bet first peace department in the nation. >> reporter: but there are many more who say the work to build a better bond is far from over. >> i'm hoping that this is another step; right? as we continue to build a movement out of this moment. >> this is far from the last discussion about community and police relations. the next meeting will be held on february 3rd. reporting in oakland city hall, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, oakland mayor libby schaaf was a bit late to the meeting because she
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had just flown in from a u.s. conference of mayors meeting in washington, d.c.. schaaf took heed from a few members of public who criticized her are for spending her first full day in office with the police department. she addressed the group near the end of today's meeting. >> i am born and raised in oakland. i have lived her my whole life in all parts of the city and have done work in all parts of the city. this city is about love and compassion and that is, i believe, the most important tool that we will need to change things. >> what schaaf thanked the police chief for acknowledging the damage done in the community by what she referred to as "bad police action." the california supreme court has banned state judges from taking parts in boy scout troops. the court voted unanimously to bar judges from scouting on grounds that the boy scouts discriminate against gay gais. openly gay boys may join the
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scouts, but gay and lesbian adults may not lead them. spacex company has dropped a lawsuit against the u.s. air force offer a contract award recently spacex conducted a successful launch to deliver supplies to the islamic state international space station and that the contract was unfairly granted to a joint venture being lockheed and boeing. they say it improved competition and achieved mission assurance for national security space missions. conservative republicans met in ive for the supplement to shape the tea party platform. at least nine presidential candidates hoped to grab some attention a year before the iowa caucuses. >> to look each candidate in the eye, and say don't talk, show me. if you say you oppose obamacare, show me where you stood up and fought against it? >> mitt ran and failed.
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he failed. >> the last thing we need is another bush. >> i am seriously thinking of running for president. >> hey iowa, can anyone stop hillary? >> yes! >> and let's borrow a phrase, yes we can. and it starts here and it starts now. >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich said the u.s. failing to win the war on terrorism and to have every candidate zibwhat they will do to beat terrorism. deflate gayt in the wake of last week's afc championship game and now the head coach is fighting back and defending his team. bill belichick said the team conducted its own test on football pressure. >> patriot's coach bill belichick over the past few days he learned as much as he can could about the preparation and structure of footballs and
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he says he has come to a collapse. >> i believe now 100% that i have personally and wees an organization have absolutely followed every rule to the letter. >> reporter: the patriots are facing accusations that they used underinflated footballs in the afc championship game. it's a move some former players say would allow the quarterback to grip and control the ball better. on sunday, belichick said his organization conducted a lengthy investigation into how the footballs were prepared, and defended his team's procedures. >> at no time were any of our footballs prepared anywhere other than the locker room or in an area very close to that- meanwhile the nfl is conducting its own investigation, speaking with patriot's staff, game official and anyone else it believes has relevant information. sportscaster jim gray says he believes this issue would not get as much attention if it involved another nfl team. >> until we find the smoking
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gun or until the nfl finds some ballboy or somebody who did something that nobody to this point they have found or has owned up to, i'm going to take bill bell check and what he just said uni believe he is telling the truth p.l.a. patriots are scheduled to take on the seattle seahawks in the super bowl on february shorthand in arizona. it's unclear whether the nfl will make a decision before the big game in new york, brianenis, fox news. and coming up, a little bit later at 10:45 in sportswrap, ktvu's joe fonzi takes a loser look at scientist cited by coach belichick during today's president conference. metalses outbreak continues to spread if california and one university is warning its student and cause for concern on a uc campus. a man finds peace with his terminal cancer by riding his bike across the country, but his coping method came to a halt. >> i want to finish this trip. i don't want to walk home. >> setback is he now facing in california.
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. and in weather, parts of the bay area warmed up niceliment coming up we'll take a look at the cool temperatures and warm temperatures in your sunday forecast
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. an oregon man says riding you bike across the country and back is helping him cope with terminal cancer, but yesterday in turlock his bike was stolen. as we report, even a new bike would not be enough to replace all he has lost. >> reporter: it started almost three years ago. steven swift of newport, oregon got on his bike and started riding telling his story to people everywhere on his cross- country trek. >> after my wife passed way he was losing a lot of weight. >> reporter: swift says his wife died in a car wreck that almost killed
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his daughter, and then the diagnoses of pancreatic cancer. after 32 months' of riding across the country and back, he now has another story to tell, since arriving in turlock yesterday. >> and then he just gets on it, you know? while swift was inside the cycle masters bike shop on east main street, someone rode off with his bike. >> i was standing behind the register and noticed steven, someone was stealing his bike and he hopped out and ran out there and started to chase the gentleman. >> reporter: the only thing swift has left is this helmet on the bike was a small container of absolute belonging to someone he had met on his journey. he wanted to spread those in the ocean and a collection of notebooks through of written messages of hope from people he met during his traves it's all gone. >> in the book it says how i inspired everybody. >> reporter: and nearly three years after he started riding swift says he has learned to let go of some of his emotional load. >> that is my message.
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don't stay at home. do something. live. >> reporter: he is hoping his bike will turn up, along with everything else he was carrying. >> i want to finish this trip. i want to finish. i don't want to walk home itch want to ride my bike. >> swift is he he was riding through turlon on his way to the central coast and he plans to do to make his way back home to oregon. bay area hospitals are getting ready for more measles cases. so far measles cases have been reported in three bay area counties, alameda, san mateo and doctors are urging vaccinations as the best way. >> measles as serious as it is is one of the most preventable of disease because the vaccine is to highly effective. if you look at the vaccines that we have for childhood disease diseases the measles
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vaccine is as good as good. >> students at uc channel islands received free shots. this beautiful bay area weekend comes with a high-surf advisory. the warning officials are sending to beach-goers as temperatures climb. a san josi family is asking for your help identifying the burglars in this video. and we'll share the warnings from the teenaged victim about posting to social media.
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. caught on-camera in broad daylight, burglars kicking down the foreign minister door of a home in san josi. the family came home to a mess and that is when it realized
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many of its belongings were missing. the family member told ktvu tonight she may have been target because of posts she made on instagram. katie ut efficient is live with the warning about social mediaryay. >> reporter: heather the teenaged victim says she learn a pricey lesson and not because of just the design clothing that was taken, but the lesson came at the cost of feeling safe in her own home. san josi, california oak creek subdivision is quiet and starlit. >> i really feel safe in the area, but not anymore. >> reporter: wednesday this week, that sense of safety was shattered for one family, who asked us not to use their full name. >> we feel violated. your home is your sanctuary and it makes you angry. >> reporter: john and susan's home security cameras capture a break-in around 10:00 a.m. >> from the video we could tell four were men and one was female. >> reporter: with five kicks the burglars are through the front door and
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out within three minutes. a teenaged daughter, shannon, discovered the mess when she got home from school. >> our rooms were trashed. >> reporter: the thieves took design clothes, jordan sneakers, jewelry and cash, mostly ransacking shannon's room. >> it's traumatizing because your home is suited up to be your private bubble and someone popped it. >> reporter: the couple's 13 security cameras did lit to prevent the crime. >> can you all of the cameras, like we did, and it didn't come through for us. >> reporter: while shannon says she will be more careful what she puts on social media sites like instagrams. her posts may have been an advertisement for things worth stealing. >> even though you work hard for what you get, it may in the have been the most responsible thing to do are thieves also took off with personal income statements as the family had them on the table preparing for tax season.
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so they are warning people to keep those hidden safe, locked away in a safe, perhaps. we also reached out to the san josi police department regarding these types of incidents, and a police spokesperson tells me that they have not noticed any upticks in these types break-ins. >> some good advice for viewers out there, but pretty surprising to see how quickly they are able to pull that off. thank you, katie, reporting live in san josi. sheriff's deputies say annie bailey of pen grove had contact with her family or friends december 5th and last seen two days later on december 7. bailey is described as 5'4" and weighs 132 pounds with gray hair and hazel eyes. the federal government is crackdown on fake universities that take advantage of foreign students including one in the
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bay area. agents raided the university in pleasantton in 2011 and it eventually shut down. investigators say the school's president made million phrentry of foreign students without actually instructing them. in october, an employee was sentenced to prison for fraud and crimes. they continue the investigation with 150 schools flagged as possible visa mills. students crowded an expo that offered opportunities at black colleges from across the nation that historically serve the african-american community. many juniors and seniors with transcripts and test scores were able to find a school right away. >> we have an array of colleges here, a lot of colleges today are accepting students on the spot. they are also giving away scholarships on the spot. >> the expo sponsored by the national college resources foundation also helped students with federal financial
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aid and information about different athletic scholarships. this expo goes to los angeles next weekend. >> a high-surf advisory remains in effect for the northern california coast until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. ktvu's allie rasmus shows us how san francisco firefighter used conditionses a training opportunity. >> reporter: sunny, breezy conditions paired with daunting waves. beach-goers noticed the high surf at ocean beach. >> a lot of times we come here it's calm and flat and can you walk out a lot further and today it's much high. >> reporter: waves reached 10-12' thanks to a pacific storm offshore. it created dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves that caught us offguard as we wrapped up an interview. >> it got me good. it got me real good. >> reporter: soaked to their ankles, they admitted the waves were enticing. >> they look very dangerous, which is why we came down, because when we came over the
10:34 pm
little on our bikes we saw the waves wain don't see waves like this in texas. >> people from the neighborhood and in the city realize how dangerous ocean beach is. >> reporter: san francisco firefighter catherine swanson says it's usually the out-of-towners who get into trouble at the beach. >> they see the signs, but don't see and understand how dangerous. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department's two coastal rescue teams have surfboards, jet skies and inflatable boats. >> they were out here to do some train october the beach. >> reporter: the fact they were doing this training today was no coincidence. >> it's a beautiful day for out here for everybody with the warm weather. so just in case. >> reporter: when a 911 call for a beach rescue comes in one of the first things that firefighters do is send a firefighter up to the top of leader to spot the victim in the waterment the hope is that scenario never comes to pass this weekend as beach-goers enjoy the unseasonallably warm weather,
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skimming the waives from a safe distance in the san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. certainly did look beautiful, but the high-surf advisory continues into tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be another nice day in per quarters bay area. ahead, meteorologist mark tamayo with the forecast. >> believe it or not, these creepy critters may just help you get over your ex, this upcoming valentine's day.
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. well, kind of a split weather pattern for parts of the bay area today. we had warm temperature and cold temperatures especially in the inland area, courtesy of
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the fog bank. not offshore, but towards the central valley. dense fog out towards fresno, modesto and sacramento. having a big impact on visibilities and we'll show you those beginning to come down and northeasterly wind beginning to approach parts of the bay area. this will have a big impact on temperatures in the sunday forecast. current numbers, san josi 54 degrees. some 40s to report out towards livermore, walnut creek and concord. santa rosa, 47 and san francisco in the lower 50s. towards the bay bridge this saturday evening, our forecast headlines, mostly clear for tonight. some patchy fog could be locally dense tomorrow morning in some of the inland valleys and more mid to upper-level clouds monday into tuesday. you heard about the high surf and some of the current buoy reports offshore, the high-surf advisory will continue as we head into your sunday forecast. that swell coming out of the west-northwest having a big impact on the wave height today into tomorrow. so waves tomorrow could be on
10:39 pm
the order of 10-12'. overnight lows will be in the upper 30s to lots of 40s out there. here is where the fog could be, especially out towards fairfield and concord and vallejo. fair skies out towards san mateo, mount view and san josi. the storm track heading way up to our north and high pressure strengthens for tomorrow. a warm sunday for the coast and for the bay. out towards like we showed you where the fog is forming not as warm. winds breezy, 15 miles per hour. we're looking to the south for more cloud cover into tuesday and by tuesday there is a slight chance of shower as a energy begins to approach southern california. just the slight chance of a shower for us, but definitely lot of clouds out. there we had the one record for today and some sunday reports possible for richmond, oakland, sfo and san josi, we'll be close to all of these numbers as we head into the sunday forecast. here we go with the fog tomorrow morning, could be locally dense and then into the
10:40 pm
afternoon hours. we should have clearing skies. look at all of the cloud cover sweeping in from the south. that will be for the monday forecast. even by late monday into tuesday, there is a slight chance of showers from the south. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the 60s and 70, fairfield, we showed you in the upper 50s with the fog bank closer to that region. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast and as you can see, heather and john, there is not much in the way of are rain clouds to talk about. just that tiny tiny chance of a shower into tuesday. i know we're all getting excited for all rain and snow and someday we'll have that in the forecast, just not yet. >> okay, thank you, mark. if you are feeling more bitter than romantic this coming valentine's day, the san francisco zoo has some unusual presents for your ex. consider making a donation to adopt a hissing cockroach in your ex's name. some people say they even make good pets too. the zoo also offers adoption of
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a giant hairy scorpion if you like and if you want make up with your estranged love, you could adopa red panda. one note, you don't get to take any of these critters home. >> it will be interesting to see if anyone takes up the offer. >> i'm sure there will be some. >> coming up a recap. we'll recap rather an historic night, last night's huge performance by warrior's guard klay thompton and you may not believe who his head coach is comparing to. >> the california golden bears look to snap a 5-game losing streak against a tough opponent. joe fonzi is up next with sports extra.
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. good evening and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. the 7th-ranked arizona wildcats came to the bay area this weekend and took no prisoners. arizona connections everywhere you looked at cal's pavilion. steve cerr with luke walton. bears knew they were in for a tough one when jabari bird with his 3 the bears even at 11. that wildcat lead thanks to the surge after the break. 3 of his 12 points. second half now and it's all wildcats. mcconnell with the spin and pretty move to the hoop of arizona goes up by 15. stanley johnson led the wildcats with 18 points and he gets the steal and jams down two more. arizona ups its record to 18-2 overall. 6-1 in the pac-12 with wins this weekend over both bay area
10:45 pm
teams, the bears have fallen on hard times losing their 6th in a row and falling to 11-9 and 1- 6 in conference play. johnny dawkins and stanford the late game. dorian pickens can't get his shot to go cardinals light it up in the first half. anton yip brown from downtown, brown 3 for 3 from beyond the arch, stanford up by 10 in the first half. now with roughly 10 minutes to play in the second half, stanford is leading 72-58. santa clara at home tonight against pepperdine in wcc play. bronco fans wanting their coach to dress a little formally and he says polo shirt is just fine. >> brownridge and clark led the broncos as the broncos built an 11-pentagon halftime


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